Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photoshop Clean up face Tutorial

Final Image:

This is a photoshop Tutorial.In this Tutorial you can Learn How to Clean your face in a picture.Just Follow some steps.

Step1:Open this Picture.

Step2:Select Polygonal lesso tool from lools panel.
Now select only skin(Following this picture).

Step3:Now press Ctrl+J to copy Layer.
Today We will learn How to Clean up a face.It is very easy to to that.Just follow some step...

(1)Click on "Indicates layer visibility" to invisible Background layer.
(2)Click on Layer1 to select it.
(3)Select Eraser tool from tools panel.
(4)Choose a soft rounded brush 27px.

Step4: Now Erase all black shape,like Eyes,Nose,Eyebrows and all shadows.

Go to Filter >>Noise>> Median
Apply Radius 2Pixels.Click ok.

Now Click on "Indicates layer visibility" to visible Background layer.
And you are done!
Thank you


Nayan Chowdhury said...

Very effective and creative technique for graphic designer thanks for sharing this technique with us.

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