Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photoshop Clean up face Tutorial

Final Image:

This is a photoshop Tutorial.In this Tutorial you can Learn How to Clean your face in a picture.Just Follow some steps.

Step1:Open this Picture.

Step2:Select Polygonal lesso tool from lools panel.
Now select only skin(Following this picture).

Step3:Now press Ctrl+J to copy Layer.
Today We will learn How to Clean up a face.It is very easy to to that.Just follow some step...

(1)Click on "Indicates layer visibility" to invisible Background layer.
(2)Click on Layer1 to select it.
(3)Select Eraser tool from tools panel.
(4)Choose a soft rounded brush 27px.

Step4: Now Erase all black shape,like Eyes,Nose,Eyebrows and all shadows.

Go to Filter >>Noise>> Median
Apply Radius 2Pixels.Click ok.

Now Click on "Indicates layer visibility" to visible Background layer.
And you are done!
Thank you


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